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B2B market solutions

As the oldest audio and visual company and the forefront in the AV equipments manufacturing in the world for over 80 years, Bang & Olufsen is constantly challenging the way that people interacts and relates to the music and visual experiences, with a sense of surprise. As we have proven again and again as the market leader in providing exclusive AV experiences, Bang & Olufsen also provide solutions to business 2 business (B2B) arena.

To meet the demand in the growth of the local developments, we now offer solutions and partnerships where you as a business partner stand to enjoy and gain. Find out how you can now be a part of this unique heritage, and help your business gain the footage forward against your competitors.

Partnership program

As a partner, you will be able to tap from our abilities in terms of iconic designing, lasting impression & visual, durable mechanics and finishing, sound experiences, user interactions, and system integrations, to help your organization and projects to be that second-to-none in the ever changing business environment around either Architectural demands, Design interface, Properties Developments and alike.

Below here is what you will stand to gain:

1.      Referral programs.

2.      Developers’ incentive program.

3.      Professional AV consultation services and support to help at every step of the way. And pre-wiring consultation.

4.      Dedicated key account manager attached to you and your client on projects.

5.      Joint marketing and PR activities with your direct firm and/or your projects.

6.      Access to priority services for you and your clients.

7.      Use of prominent B&O Showrooms for your presentation purposes.

8.      Bang & Olufsen Commercial binder & updates.

9.      ”First to know” Product information.

10.    Products usage Training.

11.    Image Library.

12.    Brand guidelines.

13.    Bang & Olufsen Architects Toolbox.

14.    News and Information.

Thank Your Best Customers and Employees

When you want to make an impression and recognize excellence, reward your VIP customers or your best employees with Bang & Olufsen. With Bang & Olufsen, you will intuitively show your great appreciation of them. We offer a wide range of products which would make the most excellent gifts.

For more information on full product range:  

Bang & Olufsen Corporate Sales 
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