Year 2017
Price £17000 Boxed Last Editions  GBP
Color Black
Warranty Yes (36 Months)

BeoLab 5 Final Edition High Gloss (Brand New Boxed), Never to be seen again, We ordered the last pair available.

BeoLab 5 is a forceful loudspeaker in high gloss aluminium design, delivering exceptional music experiences by intelligently adapting its audio performance to your surroundings.Packing no less than 2,500 watts per speaker, BeoLab 5 is built like a muscle car. Still, the real beauty lies in how gracefully it handles its massive strength. Superior but never aggressive – and always letting you know that there is plenty more in store, if you dare.


Brand New Boxed Special Edition - Location Bang & Olufsen of Brighton & Hove

Price  £17000 Boxed Last Editions  GBP

56 Church Road Hove BN3 2FP

01273 205448

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