Bang & Olufsen Service

We perform premium installation and repair work, worthy of the Bang & Olufsen seal of approval

When you buy a Bang & Olufsen product from us, our competent in-store personnel will do their utmost to provide you with the best service possible. We review the work and knowledge of our service engineers and installers regularly to ensure that the quality of the work they perform is of the highest standard. All are certified by Bang & Olufsen.

Industry leading standard warranty
Buying a Bang & Olufsen is a solid and durable investment. But naturally, all store bought new Bang & Olufsen products come with a three year minimum warranty, and all store bought refurbished products have a custom warranty, tailored to the product. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a question regarding the warranty on your product, new or refurbished.

Our installers stand by
If or when your product needs installing, we’re here to help. Our certified installers are able to hide all cables and use only the finest materials, performing a setup that works seamlessly and is flawlessly integrated in your home.

Swift repairs and quick fixes
If you experience problems with your product, simply contact us, and we’ll arrange a swift and thorough repair. Tell us the nature of your problem, and we’ll conduct the necessary arrangements.
We have put together a few self help tips that may provide a quick and simple solution to your problem.


Switch it off at the mains and on again
This may seem a bit basic but you will be amazed how many times this cures a problem. Products these days are very sophisticated and the software that makes them work can sometimes freeze. This advice applies to pretty much any product from TV, hi-fi, cordless telephone or digi box. It's a good idea to wait a couple of minutes before switching the mains back on. If it is a main Bang & Olufsen product protected by a PIN, a couple of minutes will not be long enough to activate the PIN so you won't need your code.


Remote control not working
If your remote doesn't appear to be working, have a look at the end of it with a digital camera. When you press a button on the remote you should see the infra red emitter blink when viewed through the camera. This will tell you if you need to replace the batteries in your remote.


Replace Beo4 batteries
We are often asked how to get the back off the Bang & Olufsen  remote control. We have posted a short video on YouTube showing how to remove the battery cover and replace the three AAA batteries. To watch the video click on the YouTube icon at the bottom of the page.


Damaged or broken Beo4 remote control
Accidents can happen and we see the results of that with remotes that have been dropped or things dropped on them. If you have a broken screen or a damaged battery cover we offer a full in store repair service. Bring your poorly remote to the showroom and leave it with us while you do some shopping and we will have it ready for when you return. 


Remote not operating Sky/Cable
Many Bang & Olufsen televisions can control third party devices such as Sky decoders, Cables boxes, DVD players and streaming devices like Apple TV. This control is via an infra red emitter which is positioned on the facia of the product. If the emitter is moved or falls off, the product will stop responding to the commands from your Bang & Olufsen remote. A quick inspection will determine if the emitter needs to be re-affixed to the box.


Red alert light on BeoCom 6000 cordless telephone
The alert lamp is to make the user aware of any one of a selection of situations such as:

A) Another handset registered to the same base is on a call.

B) You have missed calls and need to look at the Caller ID log.

C) The handset has lost contact with the base station.


What to do next?
If none of the above have helped please contact us in the store - the details are at the front page. We may be able to offer further advice or if neccessary we can book a service call to your home or arrange a convenient time for you to bring the item into the store.

As a general rule, televisions are repaired in the home. Audio systems, loudspeakers and smaller products are returned to our service centre.

We offer service on both in and out of warranty products. There is no limit to the age of a product that we will look at however spare parts are harder to obtain on the vintage products. That said, we will never turn something away just because it is old.