Sound for the senses

Explore the artist’s true intentions with the captivating sound of Bang & Olufsen.


Surround sound by Bang & Olufsen
Bang & Olufsen precision engineers and fine-tunes every component to produce stunning surround sound that maintains constant clarity and power throughout the entire room.

Hear the difference
If you've never played your favorite music through Bang & Olufsen sound you'll find it hard to imagine what you're missing. Visit your nearest store to truly hear what you’ve been missing. 

Rediscover your classics and reveal hidden delights and subtle melodies you never knew existed.

Bang & Olufsen current range of loudspeakers:

BeoLab 18 is conceived as an exceptional sound column introducing a refined symbiosis of form, craftsmanship and performance.

Bla18fam 14SK Lo05


BeoLab 17 is a wireless speaker that maintains harmonious sound regardless how much you twist and turn it – now available in black aluminum.

Bla17 13CO A10


BeoLab 3
Looks can be deceiving. Especially when you see BeoLab 3 for the first time. Although it is a small and compact loudspeaker, it delivers a sound that will astonish you with its power, precision and depth.

Bla3 04 Lo16

BeoLab 19 A powerful wireless subwoofer
A progressive wireless subwoofer fusing stylish, distinctive lines with powerful, impact bass.

 Bla19 13CO 02

BeoLab 20

A graceful expression of refined, powerful sound.

Bla20 14SK Lo01


BeoLab 5 - High quality loudspeakers
Get an out-of living-room experience. You will completely forget all the advanced technology that enables your BeoLab 5 speakers to erase themselves from the picture.

Bla5 10GM Lo01