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BeoSound Moment 

BeoSound Moment is an intelligent, wireless music system that integrates your music and streaming services into one. 

With just one touch on the solid wood interface, you can instantly start a continuous, high-performance sound experience that fits your mood preference, creating precisely the atmosphere you are looking for, day or night.


All your music with just one touch 
A single touch fills the room with music to set the perfect atmosphere for your home. Just touch the wooden interface, and BeoSound Moment will do the rest.

Knows what you want to hear

BeoSound Moment loves your taste in music. PatternPlay is a new innovation that learns the rhythm of your life. By learning what your household likes to hear at different times of day, the PatternPlay function gets to know you a little better with every interaction – so the more you use it, the smarter it gets.

No distractions, just music

BeoSound Moment brings the music listening experience back into your home. No more worrying about finding a track from one of your many devices that also receive emails, messages, and other notifications that can interrupt the listening experience.
BeoSound Moment gets rid of the need to deal with distractions from other applications, by making your music available all in one place, and instantly accessible with just one touch.

Always in the right mood

Whatever your mood, there is a perfect playlist to match. Let the MoodWheel know how you are feeling, and BeoSound Moment will explore the vast Deezer catalogue, plus the sources of music in your home, and build a playlist for you, based on your selection.

Bsomoment 14PK Lo06 2


BeoSound Essence 
The light switch for music. BeoSound Essence is a simple, elegant one-touch music system. An entirely new way to have iconic Bang & Olufsen sound, at your fingertip.

Unleashing great sound is now as easy as flicking a light switch. You don’t even need your phone. Simply connect BeoSound Essence to any Bang & Olufsen active speakers and start playing the music where you left off last time with just one touch.
BeoSound Essence is also now a part of BeoLink Multiroom.

Included with wall mounted control (table control is optional)

BLM 15ET Lo09