BeoVision Eclipse

BeoVision Eclipse is the definitive TV featuring the latest 4K HDR OLED screen technology and the world’s best TV sound.
BeoVision Eclipse doubles as an impressive wireless music system with a room-filling sound performance. For your listening pleasure, we added all your preferred audio streaming technologies including Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth and Chromecast built-in, giving you the freedom to play music directly from your mobile device.
Beovision Eclipse is avaliable in 55'' and 65''.


eclipse 2
Manual wall bracket moving up to 60° from wall. Motorised wall bracket with remote operation and movement up to 60° from wall
Motorised floor stand with remote operation moving up to 90° to either side.
Beo Vision -Eclipse -7


CLEAR-CUT VISIONS - A sharp, black glass screen cutting straight through an organic aluminium body. It’s a bold and clear design statement of picture and sound in perfect alignment, creating something even greater than the sum of its parts.

OLED 4K Images. Pitch Perfect. Sheer Brilliance.


 BeoVision Horizon


 Caster stand

The Horizon

Introducing a new form of functional flexibility that entertains you when and where it suits you.

BeoVision Horizon is a modern 4K UHD screen that gives you total flexibility in terms of placement options, a stellar and forceful sound experience, amazing picture quality automatically adjusted to content and light conditions – and integrated access to all your entertainment through the ever evolving Android TVTM platform.

 BeoVision Horizon

Manual turn floor stand 

Available in 2 different sizes 40'' and 48''


An extensive number of placement options combined with an unobtrusive design profile gives you total control when it comes to your preferences: You can place your Horizon elegantly on display, or casually leaned back on the floor – or move it around as you please on the wheels.


Bang -Olufsen -Horizon -Easel -Stand (1)

Easel stand


BeoVison Avant


Bviavant 85 14WS Lo04

 Motorised Floor Stand

BeoVision Avant is a celebration of movement. An unforgettable fusion of Ultra High-Definition (4K) picture and iconic Bang & Olufsen sound that unfolds before your very eyes.

BeoVision Avant pivots gracefully to the perfect viewing angle. The distinctive beauty in the movement of this television is the culmination of fearless design and innovation.


Available in 2 different sizes 55" and 85"

BeoVision Avant 55 is available in with 3 different placement options:



Bviav 14SK Lo23

 Table Stand


Beovision Avant UHD 4K TV 14BH Lo01

 Motorised or Fixed Wall Bracket

BeoVision Avant 75 and 85 are both available with these mountin options:
Motorised Floor Stand
Motorised or Fixed Wall Bracket



Bviav 14SK Flo01