Dansk Audio are leading high-end residential custom-installation specialists, operating nationally and internationally, delivering ultra high performance ‘lifestyle’ technology solutions, with collectively over 30 years of relevant experience in large multi-dwelling and private client projects.

Our clients include some of the most famous names in entertainment, business and sport together with commercial and media projects where clients include the BBC and Channel 4 television.

We have been a major provider of technology design and consultancy services to the UK construction industry.

Our team were the first UK home entertainment specialists to work extensively with Apple products, designing bespoke whole-house Apple based entertainment distribution systems as far back as 1999.

Dansk Audio provide entertainment, security and communications for the user in a non technical, seamless luxurious experience.

Digital Homes, sometimes called Intelligent Homes, Smart Home Technology, Custom installation or Home Automation, is simply the facility to control either centrally or remotely a wide range of household appliances as well as environmental, entertainment, communication and security systems. Dansk Audio call it “Intelligent Living”.

Just imagine... all your music, movies and media on a central sever accessible via intuitive keypad, remote control, Mac, PC, iPhone or Tablet - not just in every room in your home - but accessible anywhere in the world with a broadband connection.

Nowadays ecological concerns drive our market - Smart Homes are also Green Homes.

Digital lighting control systems and intelligent heating systems save energy, money and the planet and are becoming a key consideration for the wiser house-builder worldwide.

Our clients demand flexibility, control, security and mobility from our technology and we deliver this with total technical infallibility.

Above all, Dansk Audio's team won’t blind you with technical specifications and gobbledygook - tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll design a world class solution.


Experts stand by to install the perfect, custom tailored Bang & Olufsen experience in your home.

From large scale home automation to a flawless installation of a newly acquired surround setup, Dansk Audio are here to accommodate your needs. They help you with everything from initial consultancy to final implementation. Seamless convenience with one touch of your Bang & Olufsen remote is thier goal.

The importance of a good setup
A lot of times, a Bang & Olufsen product will land at the home of a happy customer, dying to unbox and set it up in a matter of minutes. While this is perfectly understandable, Dansk Audio's experienced personnel are able to help you achieve the perfect marriage of placement, tonality and décor in very little time. The placement of for instance a BeoLab 18 or 19 in your living room will have quite a large effect on its performance. So just ask, and they will guide you to the perfect custom setup.

Tailoring larger solutions to your home
Whether it’s creating a home cinema or a BeoLink setup that lets your music follow you from room to room, Dansk Audio are able to specifically tailor the right solution to your house or apartment. Our local experts will examine your home’s acoustics, routing and electronics to determine the best ways possible to transform your living space.

Trusted third party partners
Dansk Audio only work with premium home automation experts. All are well known brand names such as Lutron, Busch-Jaeger, LK Schneider and Crestron. This provides both a solid technical support base and the possibility of integrating virtually all home automation systems into your Bang & Olufsen setup.

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