Our range of televisions comprises 4 families - BeoVision Eclipse, BeoVision Horizon, BeoVision 14 and BeoVision Avant. Each offers numerous placment options and sizes to perfectly suit your space and they are available to demo at our Brighton & Hove showroom.


Our mission at Bang & Olufsen has always been to create outstanding audio experiences. This time was no different as we set out to design the world’s best-sounding TV. 

BeoVision Eclipse 55" & 65"

 Beovisioneclipse 6

BeoVision Eclipse is the definitive TV featuring the latest 4K HDR OLED screen technology and the world’s best TV sound. The brightest and most vivid colours imaginable delivered with absolute black contrast, lets BeoVision Eclipse reproduce cinematic imagery true to the original source. More


 BeoVision Horizon 40" & 48"

Bvhorizon 1L 600X212

BeoVision Horizon is a modern 4K UHD screen that gives you total flexibility in terms of placement options, a stellar and forceful sound experience, amazing picture quality automatically adjusted to content and light conditions – and integrated access to all your entertainment through the ever evolving Android TV platform. MORE



BeoVision 14 40" & 48"

BV 14


BeoVision 14 is a 4K Ultra HD LED TV featuring a world of connectivity options, integrated access to all your exciting apps and boasting a bigger and more immersive sound than most standalone speaker systems. It is much more than a TV. It is a focal point for all your entertainment. MORE


BeoVision Avant 55", 75" & 85"

Beovision Avant Topbanner Floorstand 55 75 85

BeoVision Avant is a state-of-the-art TV featuring Ultra-High Definition (4K) images, a powerful 3-channel speaker system and total flexibility in terms of placement options. MORE