New Products & Exclusives

Below we invite you to explore some of our amazing new products.  Better still visit us to experience these products for yourself. To get the latest news and exclusive sneak peaks on whats new, join our community on:






Beoplay M5


Introducing our brand new Beoplay M5 speaker. Connect spaces, connect emotions (museum not required).


BeoPlay H9 


Introducing our Beoplay H9 wireless over-ear headphones with Active Noise Cancellation, making it possible to create your own space wherever you are.


Cool Modern Collection

For our 91st anniversary, we are introducing brass tone to our permanent collection, for a more elegant and warm home. The new vibrant color adds personality to your interiors perfectly complementing your home decor.


BeoSound 1 & BeoSound 2 

Introducing the flexible BeoSound 1 & BeoSound 2. A new family of wireless speaker systems with built-in music services. Designed for seamless streaming, a powerful 360-degree sound experience and mobility.

Discover the growing trend and experience the two new wireless speaker systems here at Bang & Olufsen of Knightsbridge.


BeoVision Horizon

Please welcome BeoVision Horizon! A truly flexible TV, designed to meet and adapt to the modern lifestyle. Introducing a new form of functional flexibility. The new BeoVision Horizon delivers seamless content integration with Android TVTM, crystal clear 4K UHD images and signature Bang & Olufsen sound performance. Available in sizes 40 and 48 inches.

Experience the flexibility of BeoVision Horizon today at Bang & Olufsen of Knightsbridge.


BeoVision 14

Beo Vision -14

Introducing BeoVision 14, our newest TV, designed to dazzle and shine as the focal point of your entertainment. Watch how we work with wood as a craftsmanship to create more than a TV; a piece of furniture.

Experience the Beovision 14 today at Bang & Olufsen of Knightsbridge.


Beoplay A2 Active

Our iconic Beoplay A2 has been transformed into the new Beoplay A2 Active. With improved portability and two fashionable canvas straps to match your style, you can now move, share and feel the music wherever you go. Available today at Bang & Olufsen of Knightsbridge.


Beoplay H5 - Wireless earphones for music lovers who live to move.

From the daily commute to the evening run, Beoplay H5 wireless earphones deliver outstanding Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound for your active, everyday life. Available today at Bang & Olufsen of Knightsbridge.


Beoplay A1 ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker

Introducing our new Beoplay A1 ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker. Available today at Bang & Olufsen of Knightsbridge.