Lutron Lighting & Shade Solutions

Lighting is one of the most important considerations when planning a space. Even a room that has been designed professionally but is lit uninteresting can cause the sapce to be quite uninviting. Lighting can add drama, create tranquility and highlight interesting features such as your art collection.


Key benefits to being able to control lighting throughout different areas of your home are:

• We don't just do one activity in a room. That's why having the ability to ‘set the scene’ of how a room should look when you're being active, relaxing, just passing through, or when you want the room to just have a touch of low lighting that shows the features but blends in to the background. Here we work together with you to create and save the perfect lighting ‘scenes’ – and be able to recall them exactly every time a button is pressed.

 • The integration of both electronic lighting and daylight – via the various blinds, curtains and other window treatments – means that you really do have complete control over lighting, natural or otherwise, from one centralised system.

•There are significant energy savings from being able to dim lighting circuits. Using PIR (motion) sensors in hallways or rooms such as utility rooms, bathrooms can also help with this by turning off or dimming down lighting in areas that no one is using, as well adding a feel of luxury automation to the home.

•We can have the system replay how you would normally live in the house whilst you are away – so lighting and blinds come on and move as if you were home under the so called ‘Holiday Mode’. This is very important to the security of your home in terms of making it look occupied when it isn’t.

 •The keypads, which will control lights, fans, window treatments, potentially temperatures too, dramatically reduce the amount of clutter you have to mount on the walls in each room as all your smart home features can be displayed on one elegent keypad.

•Dynamic touch screen keypads can also be used in areas where you want more detailed operation of the home systems – as well as being able to use the Lutron App on your Smartphone or tablet.


Blinds, Curtains and Window Treatments

We offer all options in terms of automation roller blinds, venetian, roman, curtain tracks both curved and straight, centre draw or side draw. Even some inventive new window treatments that you may not be familiar with – such as the Lutron Kirbe Vertical Curtain.

 All of these can be operated from the Lutron keypads, the Bang & Olufsen remote control.

Windows can have more than one treatment too – you might have a sheer blind for daytime use, to protect artwork or minimise the heat/glare coming through the glass; and then have an additional privacy blind for an evening so that no one can see in, giving you comfort and security.