Preowned Bang & Olufsen products

All Bang & Olufsen products are designed and manufactured to stand the test of time, and buying your preowned Bang & Olufsen model from us means you can look forward to enjoying the Bang & Olufsen experience for years to come. We draw on our long experience selling and servicing Bang & Olufsen products to appraise and select the best preowned models available. For further enquiries or to buy a product, please contact us or visit the store.


Year 2005
Price 9995 SEK
Year 2007
Price 4995 SEK
Year 2005
Price 995 SEK
Year 2007
Price 18000 SEK


Year 1998
Price 11995:- SEK
Year 2001
Price 3999 SEK


Year 2013
Price 2900 SEK
Year 2008
Price 1500 SEK