Year 2004
Price 3400  USD
Color Black
Warranty Yes (12 Months)

BeoLab 3 Black

BeoLab 3: a new, compact loudspeaker with a surprisingly big sound Bang & Olufsen’s latest loudspeaker is a minor acoustic masterpiece. With its compact dimensions, it fits in anywhere – and it has a surprisingly big sound for its size. “I’m very pleased to introduce our latest loudspeaker, BeoLab 3. It incorporates many of the technological features of our existing loudspeakers, including our top-of-the-range model BeoLab 5, which has been met with a tremendous enthusiasm from the international trade press. The many ways in which BeoLab 3 can be used and positioned will make these features more widely available, so more people can benefit from them” says President and CEO Torben Ballegaard Sørensen BeoLab 3 is a highly versatile loudspeaker. It can be positioned in many different ways. Using the stand and fittings supplied, you can mount the loudspeaker on the wall or put it on a shelf or in a bookcase. You can also put BeoLab 3 wherever you like on the floor on its aluminium stand, the design of which matches the rest of Bang & Olufsen’s products. Depending on their use and the décor of the room, the loudspeakers can be placed to emphasise their distinctive design or so that they blend in with the surroundings. At the same time, the complex technology that produces its surprisingly big sound makes BeoLab 3 an obvious choice when it comes to stereo loudspeakers for your music system or the front and rear loudspeakers of a surround-sound home cinema set-up. Specifications: Dimensions Length 16,2 cm Width 13,5 cm Height 21,5 cm; 22,3 cm on table ring Weight 2,55 kg Cabinet finish Silver and black Power consumption IEC65: 20 W Typical: 7 W Stand-by: 0,2 W Maximum Sound Pressure Level 94 dB (stereo, pair) Power amplifier, bass 125 W, Class D, ICEPower Power amplifier, treble 125 W, Class D, ICEPower Long-term maximum output power per amplifier Bass: 220 W/4ohm Treble: 120 W/8ohm Effective Frequency range 50 - 20.000 Hz Crossover frequency 3.300 Hz Cabinet principle Double Balanced Passive Radiator Net volume, bass 1.5 litres Magnetically shielded Yes Woofer 101,6 mm Passive radiators 2 x 101,6 mm Tweeter 19 mm Directivity control treble ALT (Acoustic Lens Technology), licensed from Sausalito Works LLC Bass equalization ABL (Adaptive Bass Linearization) Input sensitivity (Power Link) 125 mV (88dB SPL) Input sensitivity (line) 125 mV (88dB SPL) - Auto switch on Switch off time (line) 3 min. Indicator LED for on (green), Off (red) or Protection (yellow) mode Operation Free, Wall or Corner position Left, Right or LINE switch Protection Thermal protection Connections: Power Link 1 (use Semi-Balanced PL cable type MKIII, or fully mounted PL cable) Mains 1 Switch Mode Power Supply; internal jumper for 220-240 V or 100 - 120 V Phono (line-in) Via PL using Line-to-PL adaptor cable, 5m, black, part no.: 6270856


Good Condition.

Price  3400  USD

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