Year 2005
Price 12500  USD
Color Aluminium/Silver
Warranty Yes (12 Months)

BeoLab 5 Aluminum/Silver

It listens and learns The acoustic properties of your listening room play a very important role in the quality of the sound from high-end speakers – as do their placement relative to walls and furniture. Luckily, digital technology from Bang & Olufsen known as Adaptive Bass Control will listen and analyse "the sound of the room" and tailor the speakers' performance accordingly. Absolute power without corruption How do you fit a full symphony orchestra between the sofa and the easy chair? The BeoLab 5 may not appear small compared with other Bang & Olufsen loudspeakers, but its physical size is in fact negligible when compared to the sound it delivers. This is where the 2500 watts of digital amplification comes in. With these power reserves, we can coax a bigger, clearer, more realistic and potentially much louder sound out of something relatively small. Technical Specifications of BeoLab 5 Dimensions/weight: Height 97 cm, Ø 49 cm / 61kg Maximum sound pressure 108 dB (stereo, pair) Total amplification 2500W Power amplifier treble 250W Class D ICEPower® Power amplifier mid-range 250W Class D ICEPower® Power amplifier upper bass 1000W Class D ICEPower® Power amplifier lower bass 1000W Class D ICEPower® Effective frequency range 20 - 20 000 kHz Cabinet principle/ net volume upper bass Sealed box / 5 litre Cabinet principle/net volume lower bass Sealed box / 29 litre Directivity control treble and mid-range Acoustic Lens Technology Treble driver 1.8cm Mid-range driver 7.6cm Upper bass driver 16.5cm Lower bass driver 38cm Digital Signal Processor 32-bit floating point 180 MFLOPS, 512k byte Flash-ROM Room adaptation Adaptive Bass Control (ABC) Connections 2 x PowerLink, Phono (line), 2 x Digital SPDIF Volume adjustment Built-in


Demo like new.

Price  12500  USD

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