Year 2005
Price 3120  USD
Color Black
Warranty Yes (12 Months)

BeoLab 7.4 Active Loudspeaker

BeoLab 7-4 brings extra authenticity to any film or TV experience. Using the same acoustic lens technology found in BeoLab 5, this compact but powerful speaker is optimized specifically to reproduce the sound of voices. This is essential in a surround sound set-up, as eighty per cent of the voice information goes through the center channel. Next time you watch a movie, you won’t miss a whisper. In a surround sound setup, BeoLab 7-4 is designed to give a powerful performance in the important center channel. It can be used with all BeoLab loudspeakers and the BeoLab 2 subwoofer for the ultimate surround sound experience with the BeoVision 7-40 LCD or BeoVision 4 plasma televisions, or a projection screen. Moving with the motorized floor stand of your BeoVision 7, BeoLab 7-4 adds an extra dimension of sound to whatever you are watching on TV. BeoLab 7-4 has a vertical construction that provides the best possible tonal balance found in speech. The deepest bass sounds are filtered out, ensuring greater power output and enabling BeoLab 7-4 to play up to the extreme capabilities of the BeoLab 5 loudspeaker. The acoustic lens, centered just beneath the screen as a visual emphasis of refinement, ensures an experience of tonal clarity in the horizontal plane. The sound of voices becomes extremely authentic, regardless of where you are seated. Specifications Loudspeaker Two-way mono, active loudspeaker Power consumption 12W, standby 0.3W Acoustic Lens Technology - Yes Amplifier units - Two 250W ICEPower units, one for each driver unit Frequency range 50 – 20,000 Hz Drive units 5” woofer/mid-range 3/4” treble Thermal protection - On each unit Adaptive Bass Linearisation - Yes


Good Condition

Price  3120  USD

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