Detail view of the powerful Dolby Atmos Soundbar Beosound Stage available at Bang & Olufsen Helsinki

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In stores now

Beoplay E8 Sport On Edition special edition earphones

The sound of unstoppable

Sharing a passion for performance, precision and innovation Bang & Olufsen and On have teamed up for a limited edition of E8 Sport. Beoplay E8 Sport On Edition combines a powerful, wireless music experience with the durability, secure fit and battery needed for long runs.

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The home speakers Beosound Balance, Beosound 1 and Beoplay M3 on a surface in different rooms.

Your Home. Your Music. Your Way.

How would you decorate your home with music? Which designs would you choose to carry the tunes through your rooms? Now is your opportunity to create or expand your personal Bang & Olufsen home speaker system and save when you purchase two speakers or more. Get 10% off the total price when you buy two wireless speakers or 15% when you buy three or more.
*Offers only apply to purchases of Beoplay M3, Beoplay M5, Beosound 1, Beosound 2, Beosound Balance, Beoplay A9 and Beosound Edge. Offers are only valid from 15 April – 31 August 2020 and are only valid as long as dealer stock lasts. The offers cannot be combined with other promotions.

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Powerful Dolby Atmos Soundbar - Beosound Stage

Take the TV experience to a different level with Beosound Stage

Beosound Stage enhances viewing pleasure with a combination of the latest in audio technology and seamless design. It is powerful enough to avoid the need for a separate subwoofer. Beosound Stage includes eleven speaker drivers each driven by its own amplifier and the result is a three-channel, fully active, DSP based loudspeaker solution delivering a superbly deep and rich performance. Experience Bang & Olufsen sound in your own living room - Beosound Stage works with any TV supporting HDMI ARC.

Custom Installations

BeoRemote One on a white table

Our experts in Helsinki stand by to install the perfect, custom tailored Bang & Olufsen experience in your home.

From large scale home automation to a flawless installation of a newly acquired surround setup, we are here to accommodate your needs. We’ll help you with everything from initial consultancy to final implementation. Seamless convenience with one touch of your Bang & Olufsen remote is our goal.

BeoVision Horizon TV in a living room with large windows and indoor fireplace

The importance of a good setup

A lot of times, a Bang & Olufsen product will land at the home of a happy customer, dying to unbox and set it up in a matter of minutes. While this is perfectly understandable, our experienced personnel are able to help you achieve the perfect marriage of placement, tonality and décor in very little time. The placement of for instance a BeoLab 18 or 19 in your living room will have quite a large effect on its performance. So just ask, and we’ll guide you to the perfect custom setup.

Beoplay M5 in a minimalistic living room

Tailoring larger solutions to your home

Whether it’s creating a home cinema or a BeoLink setup that lets your music follow you from room to room, we’re able to specifically tailor the right solution to your house or apartment. Our experts in Helsinki will examine your home’s acoustics, routing and electronics to determine the best ways possible to transform your living space.

Detail of natural BeoSound 2

Trusted third party partners

We only work with premium home automation experts. All are well known brand names such as Lutron, Busch-Jaeger, LK Schneider and Crestron. This provides both a solid technical support base and the possibility of integrating virtually all home automation systems into your Bang & Olufsen setup.

Services at Bang & Olufsen

Natural collection of Beoplay A9 and Beoplay M5 in a large room with blue walls

Featured New Products at Bang & Olufsen Helsinki

Beovision Harmony TV

Beovision Harmony

The ultimate cinematic audio visual experience.

Beosound Stage Soundbar

Beosound Stage

Powerful soundbar that brings Bang & Olufsen sound to your own TV.

Sports earphones Beoplay E8 Sport

Beoplay E8 Sport

Wireless earphones designed for sport


Bang & Olufsen Product

BeoSound Moment

Tyylikäs BeoSound Moment -musiikkikeskus, vm. 2015. Nettiradio ja musiikin langaton striimaus samassa laitteessa. Hinta 990,- Laitteessa on juuri uusittu näyttöpaneli.

Bang & Olufsen Product

BeoVision 8-40 MK2

Tyylikäs Full HD -televisio kääntyvällä pyöreällä pöytäjalustalla. Televisiossa on sisäänrakennettu teräväpiirtodigiviritin DVB-T2/C/S2. Kolme HDMI-liitintä ja 200Hz -paneeli. Mukana Beo4 Navi -kaukosäädin. Vm. 2011. Hinta 990,-

Bang & Olufsen Product

BeoLab 2

BeoLab 2 -bassokaiuitin vm. 2003. Toistoalue 23-120Hz, vahvistin 850W. Hinta 1290,-

Bang & Olufsen Product

BeoLab 8000

BeoLab 8000 -aktiivikaiuttimet. Klassikkokaiutin dynaamisella äänellä, vm. 1999. Toistoalue 52-20kHz, vahvistinteho 286W / kaiutin. Hinta 1490,-

Bang & Olufsen Product

BoeLab 8000 MK2

BeoLab 8000 -aktiivikaiuttimet. Klassikkokaiuttimen upgrade-versio dynaamisella äänellä, vm. 2007. Toistoalue 52-20kHz, vahvistinteho 286W / kaiutin. Hinta 1690,-

Bang & Olufsen Product

BeoCenter 2

BeoCenter 2 MK 1. CD-soitin ja FM-radio. Vm. 2004. Suunnittelija David Lewis. 790,-

Bang & Olufsen Product

BeoSound 4

CD-soitin ja FM-radio vm. 2007. Hinta 990,-

Bang & Olufsen Product

BeoLab 6000

BeoLab 6000 aktiivikaiutin vm. 1999. Toistoalue 55-20000 Hz. Suunnittelija David Lewis. Hinta 690,-

Bang & Olufsen Product

BeoLab 6000

BeoLab 6000 aktiivikaiutin vm. 1997. Toistoalue 55-20000 Hz. Suunnittelija David Lewis. Hinta 700,-

Bang & Olufsen Product

BeoSound 5

Tyylikäs musiikkikeskus pöytätelineellä. Nettiradio ja DLNA-musiikkikirjasto. Laitteeseen on asennettu mahdollisuus vastaanottaa langattomasti musiikkia Airplayn ja Spotify Connectin kautta. Hinta 500,-

Bang & Olufsen Product

BeoMaster 6500

Tyylikäs ja vahva viritinvahvistin 90-luvulta. Voidaan kytkeä sekä aktiivi- että passiivikaiuttimiin. Pieniä jälkiä etupaneelissa. Hinta 190€.

Bang & Olufsen Product

BeoLab 8000

BeoLab 8000 -aktiivikaiuttimet. Klassikkokaiutin dynaamisella äänellä, vm. 2002. Toistoalue 52-20kHz, vahvistinteho 286W / kaiutin. Hinta 1590,-

Bang & Olufsen Product

BeoLab 3

BeoLab 3 aktiivikaiuttimet seinätelineillä, vm.2007.Kompaktin kokoinen kaiutin, jossa diskanttikaiutin linssillä, vahvistinteho 250 W / kaiutin. Toistoalue 50-23,000 Hz Hinta 1590,-

Bang & Olufsen Product

BeoCenter 2300

Klassikkosoitin liukuvilla lasiovilla. CD-soitin ja FM-radio vm. 1999. AUX-liitintä television tai bluetooth-vastaanottimen kytkentään. MYYTY!

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